My First Novel

The Battlefield Abductions book cover

Today I published my first novel.  Woo hoo!  Here’s the teaser:

For three years running, on the exact same day in May, six students vanished from Erica Trestle’s high school.

The adults deny anything unusual is happening, claiming the teenagers went on exchange programs or moved to other cities. But to Erica, their explanations seem absurd. Why were families moving without warning in the middle of the night? Why wouldn’t the students tell their friends they were going on an exchange program, and why didn’t they return?

When two of the missing teenagers reappear—one catatonic and one dead—most of the students become convinced they are in danger. As the day rolls around again, Erica and her friends scramble for ways to protect themselves against the threat no adult, not even the police, seems to take seriously. In the face of their indifference, Erica is certain the disappearances are a part of a vast conspiracy, more dangerous than anyone imagines.

What she doesn’t realize is that this year—it’s her turn.

2 thoughts on “My First Novel

  1. I just finished reading your book and have passed it on to my son because I’m sure he’ll love it (he’s just turned 14). I found it fresh, original and extremely gripping! (kept me up way too late reading!) I especially loved the characters of Erica, Ian and Vince – they all seemed like people I know or might have known once; they were very real and vivid for me.
    I’m looking forward to starting The Battlefield Recruits.


    1. Thanks, firobertson. I feel like one of the challenges that I had in the initial versions of the novel was having enough depth in the characters, so in later versions, I focused a fair amount of attention on adding more meat to the characters. So, I’m glad that that aspect of the novel worked for you.


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