Who am I: Richard Gibbons

Education: B.Sc. in math & computer science at University of British Columbia; M. Sc. in computer science at University of Toronto

What have I done:

  • Created an artificial personality
  • Worked for a large high-tech company trying to innovate fast enough to stay ahead of the competition
  • Worked in a low-tech company trying to maintain its position against newer high-tech competitors
  • Invested in the stock market for thirty years
  • Designed an algorithm to auto-trade in the stock market
  • Wrote weekly freelance articles for The Motley Fool
  • Co-founded several companies and sold one

Current Goal: Become a novelist

Personal Stuff: Married, two kids, no pets, live in Vancouver, BC.

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Well, I made money on the auto-trader, but I suspect that was a result of the volatility of the market during the year or so that it was running. In lower volatility markets, it didn’t perform as well. In the end, the amount of money I was making didn’t justify the effort required to keep it going. (e.g. doing taxes was a huge pain!)


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