My Third Novel

The Battlefield Uprising Novel Cover

Last week, I published my third novel, The Battlefield Uprising. It’s the third in a series that began a couple years ago with The Battlefield Abductions.

This book gives me considerable satisfaction in that it ties together several of the threads and mysteries that have spanned multiple novels. I tend to be an ideas guy—reveling in how simple concepts can grow and mutate into monsters that look nothing like the original idea.

Well, very early on, while I was outlining my first novel in my head as I walked home, an idea came to me that literally made me gasp. It was a barbaric and horrifying idea, one that really needed to be shared.

The challenge was, it needed a long runway. To give context to the idea, I needed to create the universe of the book and give the idea time to simmer, to grow into its full, magnificent awfulness. It’s perhaps not much of an exaggeration to say that I wrote three books in order to get this idea onto the page.

And now, with The Battlefield Uprising, I’ve done that. I hope you like it.

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